Jewelry creations

Bijoux de créations - céramique et broderie

Jewelry creations - ceramics and embroidery.

From the passion for these two ancient arts, collections in limited series are born, and especially unique pieces

Bijoux de créations – céramique et broderie, du vrai made in France, en d’autres termes, des petites œuvres à porter.

Our creative workshop produces ceramic elements to make earrings and rings.

Sometimes we embroider them, to give life to necklaces or pendants, truly unique.

First each module is produced by hand: shaped in clay, enamelled and decorated with a brush.

In addition, the obtained parts are joined together on a thread and, with the help of a crochet, are fixed on the fabric.

La broderie obtenue est découpée, doublée en cuir, et signée. Après cela elle sera assemblée avec des apprêts en argent 925 rhodié.

All collections are made with care and meticulousness, but above all they are designed with a unique design.

You will find in our selection of feminine jewelry very bright Mediterranean colors.

For example: red, blue, turquoise, green, emerald green, white and even black.

In conclusion, colorful jewelry is an essential part of every woman's wardrobe.

They enliven the soul and reflect the style, personality and mood of the woman wearing them.

Le mot « rhodié » vient du nom d’un autre métal précieux : le rhodium (plus rare et plus cher que l’or).
Rhodier l’argent est un procédé utilisé en bijouterie qui consiste à recouvrir par électrolyse un bijou en argent 925 avec du rhodium.
L’argent rhodié est ainsi une matière précieuse plus chère que l’argent 925 classique.
Le rhodium évite l’oxydation du bijou.

How our jewelry is born

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Necklaces and pendants

Earthenware, decorated with a brush and embroidered. Mounting in 925 silver rhodium-plated.


Adjustable rings. Earthenware, decorated with a brush. Mounting in 925 silver rhodium-plated.



Angela Campanile, ceramist: the art of precision Published on 25/03/2015